SET Interview Ukulele+Tap The beautiful girl adapted the 2014 FIFA World Cup song

2014 FIFA World Cup star of the game. Many people are crazy about World Cup. The beautiful girl graduated from a Chinese music department is called Vanessa Ding. She adapted the 2014 FIFA World Cup song “We Are One” into a ukulele version, and apart from this, she also manages to play the Ukulele while doing tap dance at the same time.
Crazy fans for World Cup song are certainly no strangers to the song, but you have not heard this version – playing the Ukulele while tap dancing. The melody is brisk and the movie was enriched with a little fun. More than five thousand people see the movie within two days since the movie was uploaded to the Internet.
Vanessa Ding is 23 years old, graduated from Department of Chinese Music, National Taiwan University of Arts. She learned Guzheng when she was a child. She loved Ukulele and encountered tap dance in her adulthood. The idea of dancing while playing comes from a whim; Vanessa Ding finds the tempo of Ukulele is not the same as that of tap dance, so you need to spend a lot of time practicing and combining them together.
Besides being crazy about 2014 World Cup, she spends one week on the adaptation of the World Cup theme song “We Are One”. She writes a song by herself and also accompanies it with modern ballet.
Vanessa Ding expects to release an instrumental album, and playing the Ukulele while tap dancing is different from any traditional form of music!