Mission & Vision

To become an international sailing ship, built upon creativity and charityis the mission and goal of ANLEMOUSE and its crew
ANLEMOUSE builds an efficient environment by conserving resources and giving back to the community. We become the essential needs of the public and influence lifestyles of others through our creations.

Core Values

Spirit of the BrandOriginality, practicality and extensibility are the core values of ANLEMOUSE. By creating original works we extend our possibilites, build brand recognition and create a unique lifestyle.Improving the ArtsLike utilizing technology to improve ones lifestyle, we strive to build our visibility and improve ourselves through awards, performances and competitions. Versatility and integration of various talents is central to our company’s value and augmentation.Servicing the PublicANLEMOUSE upholds its responsibilities to society by supporting welfare clinics, charities and retirement homes. Our company supports these causes by cooperating with them through charity performances . We extend our hands to help those in need, in hopes of leading others into a world filled with love and care.

Operation Principles

GlobalizationOur goal is the international market. Just like love is an international language, we aim to shatter culture barriers and expand the possibilities of the future.DiversificationWe continually develop our technologies and innovate to fulfill the needs of the public. By diversifying our operations, we are able to expand both horizontally and vertically. From the world around us, we bring to you performances that will surely surprise and enlighten your lives.Customer SatisfactionWe provide our clients with the highest quality of service. We hope to achieve a 100% customer satisfaction rating by building strong relationships with our clients and by treating you like one of our own. We are motivated in understanding your needs and taking our level of service beyond the next peak.