Chang and Lee

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About Chang and Lee:
Just like the usual people we meet in our daily life; Chang and Lee are the normal production under this
absurd era and funny people in our ordinary life. They are the naughty boys live in the military community,
the mischief children in front of the temple squares, the roguish kids live by the market and the polite boys
live in the neighborhood. They are everywhere, sharing their emotions with us.
They are dragging the tail of their youth, trying hard to get rid of the image of loser. They are holding the
ticket to the entrance of becoming middle age men; toast to their dream which not yet fading.
They still have to listen to their elder but they don’t believe in them at all; their love is now less impulse
But still strong. They still taking care of their brother and sister, no matter they are getting respect or not;

Their silence doesn’t mean they have nothing to say and their voice is not raise up for themselves anymore.
They are forcing to play roles which are much more mature than they really are in their whole life since
they were young. Dress like adults, talks like adults and sings the adults’ song.
After they grow up, they bear the blame of this epoch. They have been called as Strawberry Generation
because of lacking ability to deal with stress. They have been called lacking of international perspective
and competitiveness. It seems like they have ruined this generation.
But this time, they decide to step up and defend themselves. This is ”Chang and Lee” , the brand new
Taiwanese album from the band Chang and Lee.
This is an album created by a few depressed thirty year old men while walking on the gloomy way to their
forty. It contains ten songs which work their heart out.
A bittersweet grumble to the generation.

2018 The 27th Golden Melody Best Performing Group 、Best cover design nominee
2018 Singapore Freshmusic Awards Annual 10 Best Album nominee
2017 Chinese Music Media Awards Best Singing Group
2017 『CHAI (DESTROY)』 MV won the 28th Golden Melody Best Music Video Award and was selected by NYC
Independent Film Festival and Bare Bones International Film & Music Festival
2017 Asian Tour , performing in Bangkok, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippine, Malaysia
2016 The 27th Golden Melody Best Performing Group
2016 The 27th Golden Melody Best New Artist nominee, Best Taiwanese Album nominee, Best Lyrics nominee,
Best cover design nominee.
2015 Annual Ten best album
2014 Taiwan Music Composition and Songwriting Contest First Prize 『關電火了後』
2013 South Music Song of the South First Prize 『美麗七賢暝』
2012 South Music Music Video Award First Prize『The Pulse』
2010 Taiwan Music Composition and Songwriting Contest Bronze Award and Live Performance Award 『叭噗叭噗』
2008 Taiwan Music Composition and Songwriting Contest Bronze Award 『尪仔標 』

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