Luxy Boyz

Artist Info

Luxy Boyz is a dance crew established by a group of young men who love hip-hop. Starting in 2005, they based their performances on hip-hop dance and put their efforts towards visual art integrated with extravagant costumes. Luxy Boyz are specialists from dance performances to unique performing arts.

In order to take their hip-hop performances to another level, they are not afraid of trying any new. In 2009, the first LED’s show was born. Coined “Blacklux”, they began to show their talents by creating the one and only giant human-robot show in Asia. The robot “D-VA” received a lot of attention from TV news and other media and became a stepping stone for the group to develop unique, new performances that belonged solely to this group. In 2011, they getting more attention by participating in the popular TV show “China’s got talent”. With their vivid experience with various companies and artists, they are a hip-hop team that will bring you a performance like you have never seen before.

BlackLux 2.0

Taiwan Human Robot Team