“Chinese Got Talents” 3rd season : Luxy Boyz catched the attention nationwide

The highly anticipated “Chinese Got Talents” 3rd season will be airing this Sunday at 9:10pm

As the stage of dream evolves to another level, contestants from all over the world are here to upgrade their dreams with some never seen and eye catching talents. With some of the most famous judges returns, what kind of chemistry will be created between the judges and the contestants? All the answers will be revealed as the 3rd season of Chinese Got Talents starts airing from 20

During this episode, we have Luxy Boys from Taiwan who catched the attention nationwide, as the viewing rate boost as high as 16%. Ah-Chi from the luxy boys proclaims himself as the worlds most creative dance performer. As the lights turns out, beams of light struck the scene. As the performance ended, crowds are still asking for more. Ah-Chi then mentioned that dancing is their dream and keep fighting for it. This is what we call the real creative talents. Keep Going! Luxy Boys.

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