Taiwan’s First Broadway Style Show “Taiwan Diva” hits the stage

With 18months of preparation, under executive producer, Fan Ke Chin and director Hsu Jie Hui, and dancing queen Liu Zhen as the main actress, Taiwan’s very first Broadway style show “Taiwan Diva” will hi the stage. The main actor of the show which was finally announced yesterday(29th), which was highly classified was revealed to be the famous “one-legged” dancing king of China, Zhai Xiao Wei. The dancing queen and king also squared off during the press conference.

Asian dancing queen, Liu Zhen, Starred as a role of a dancer who dances on a traditional parade truck that is trying to develop in a big city. During the show, she will lead a crew of dancers to dance off under a spectacular scenery. During its rehearsals, bruises and injuries are all over Liu Zhen’s arms and legs. Liu said she focuses on her choreography so much that she doesn’t feel the pain until she finishes her rehearsal. When she talks about her role as in the show, who took step by step towards her dream, she was stopped a couple of time by her emotions.

Main actor was highly classified till yesterday when it was announced to be the famous China’s One legged dancing king Zhai Xiao Wei, Born 1984, lost his left leg due to an accident. However, he was able to overcome obstacles in life with his strong will. He received countless awards and was able to shine in the dancing industry of China. This time he starred as the role of “Clown” in Taiwan Diva, He waits silently besides Liu Zhen. From there, a love story will then develop. During the performance, there will be modern ballet, duo dance, pole dance…etc. On the press conference, Liu & Zhai showed off a pole dance together with their spectacular dance techniques, Zhai said “Taiwan Diva” had him experienced a lot of different dance techniques. Except for pole dance, there’s also a scene when he needed to do stunt action with the combination of dance and in every practice of that stunt action he had to tight himself up high in the air and then let go, it’s highly difficult for him and his body could not feel a thing after every practice. When asked about his partner Liu Zhen, he said they build up a strong partnership during the performance.

「Taiwan Diva」’s executive producer, Fan Ke Chin stated, the show itself contains multicultural such as Hakka, Chinese, Japanese, Korean…etc. Not only with different cultures but also with shows such as Electric Lights, Techno Trance, Club, Magic, Live House. Also, stages that are designed under the structures of Talent shows, with numerous LED lights and outfits that will let the audience experience 8 shows in a 100minutes. The production of this show cost over 80 million. Fan jokingly stated that the role of an executive producer is「fund raising」.

Hsu Jie Hui, the director of “Taiwan Diva”, which will be his first time to direct a Broadway style show, he expressed his change of feelings from being and actor to a director, and he poured out all kinds of his experiences through all these years in acting or singing or dancing to direct this amazing show. He is also very thankful for such an arrangement of fate for him to direct this show.

Taiwan Diva will be performed at the Yi Da Royal Theater Kaohsiung starting from 2013/02/09 to 2013/04/28. A total of 74 performances. It will be a new milestone for Taiwanese Art History with such artistic and entertaining event.

News from:http://www.xinmedia.com/n/news_article.aspx?newsid=145215&type=0